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For Owners

  • Convenient own blocking
    As we send you the booking calendar regularly, it is possible for you to make your own blocking if you would like to stay in your own villa as long as you block the dates in our 24/7 calendar and there is no booking on the date of your preference. Therefore please update the calendar as soon as you know the dates you would like to stay in your villa.
  • Scheduled report
    We work with a 24/7 online booking database in which you can see the occupation of your villa at any time of the day. We also send you a monthly report that includes the occupancy for your villa in that month, sales generated, and financial statement.
  • Potential investment
    We commit that villa owners should be able to enjoy the benefits of the villa, therefore we assumes the responsibility for every aspect of a villa’s logistical and commercial operations, ensuring that villas are not just well run vacation homes but also lucrative investments. By ensuring that the operational costs for the villa are as efficient and effective as possible, together with our specialized marketing concept will lead to maximizing profit for your villa.
  • Well promoted by highly experienced Sales Marketing team
    In a progressively competitive market we will always strive to make your villa a profitable investment, we collaborate with many of the other villa rental agents on the island to maximize the promotion of your property; in addition to marketing your villa through our own website which combines professional photographic images with a professionally written description, which will significantly boost the appeal of your villa by identifying and drawing attention to its best qualities and architectural features, together with the attributes of its location, facilities, and amenities.
  • Personal liaison
    There will always be one contact person that you can contact anytime with any questions regarding the management when working together with Individual Bali Villas.
  • Compensation to management
    A fixed percentage of compensation to management (management fee) and compensation to partner agents (agent commission) will be subjected to selling price (rate) that management should submit as revenue to your villa.

For Agents

We’re interested in a long term and dedicated relationship, providing quality services to you and your clients in order to establish maximal occupancy to our villas. We are looking for a trusted collaboration, offering to agent a form of professional booking services, standardized booking procedures and payments to ensure mutually convenient business dealings.

Even our villa has its own individual website that has been developed and maintained, it would be our pleasure to provide complete site inspections, flexible contract rates and all necessary data to enhance marketing opportunities.

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