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Body Massage has been a part of the Balinese culture for many centuries. Most Balinese men go for what they call a Bali Massage [kerok], on a regular basis. For a Westerner it would be rather a horrific experience as coins and small wooden balls are used to scrape and rub up, down and across the person's back. Often upon completion the entire skin surface is one enormous bruise from the bleeding that has been caused under the skin by this strange form of massage. The Balinese love it !

Spa Treatments

Volcanic Mud Body Treatment (90 minutes) US$ 55

This exclusive treatment begins with a gentle foot bath, body wash and a traditional Balinese massage. Volcanic mud is then generously applied to the entire body to give the skin a new lease of life. This mineral enriched treatment prevents wrinkles, cleans the pores and replenishes lost nutrients. The pampering concludes with a warm aromatic flower bath.

Seaweed Body Pack (120 minutes) US$ 68
This nurturing package has been created for pure relaxation and rejuvenation. It commences with flower foot bath and continues with Balinese traditional massage. A seaweed body masque is then applied to naturally exfoliate the skin and encourage cell regeneration. Freshly blended carrot is then rubbed into the skin for a hydrating effect before a leisurely soak in an aromatherapy flower. A nourishing application of lavender body lotion brings this treatment to an end.

Lavender Body Treatment (120 minutes) US$ 68
This rejuvenating package is all about taking the time for some well-deserved personal indulgence. The journey includes a lavender flower foot bath, body wash and Balinese traditional massage followed by an exfoliating body scrub and a lavish application of lavender yoghurt to moisturize the skin. A warm aromatic flower bath finishes this treatment.

Spa Rhapsody (120 minutes) US$ 78
Indulge with a jasmine foot bath and body wash. Then feel your mind drift with a relaxing one hour session of aromatherapy massage. A refreshing jasmine body scrub is applied to clean and stimulate the skin followed by a nourishing facial. Take pleasure in a long soak in an aromatherapy flower bath concluding with an enriching application of body lotion.

Avocado Skin Care (120 minutes) US$ 78
Soak your feet in an indulging lavender foot bath, followed by a body wash and Balinese traditional massage. An avocado body masque is then applied to give the skin a radiant glow followed by a nourishing facial treatment. A leisurely soak in an aromatherapy bath brings this treatment to a luxurious conclusion.


Optional Treatments

Spa Body Massages (75 Minute) US$ 38

  • Aromatherapy Massage =>A combination of Asian therapeutic massage that uses pressure, force and the transfer of energy for a highly therapeutic effect.
  • Balinese Traditional Massage => A traditional therapeutic massage to improve blood circulation, reduce tension, stress and relieve weary muscles.
  • Swedish Massage => A harmonized synergy based on Asian and European massage techniques. The perfect way to rejuvenate tired muscles and relax the mind.
  • Lomi-lomi Massage => A therapeutic Hawaiian massage technique using a combination of powerful and gentle strokes for a deep relaxing effect.

Total Foot Care (75 minutes) US$ 38
A relaxing treatment for tired feet that includes a foot bath, massage and scrub.

Balinese Costume & Photo Session (60 minutes) US$ 35
Be dressed in a traditional Balinese costume complete with make-up and receive 4 (four) professional photographs.

Aromatherapy Facial (60 minutes) US$ 48
This is a traditional treatment to refresh and rejuvenate your face using natural ingredients.
It will restore proteins and vitamins to the skin and address the effects of recent sun damage.
Relax with a foot massage while your face masque is being applied.

Seaweed Facial (60 minutes) US$ 48
Rejuvenating facial using seaweed products to exfoliate the skin and infuse vitamins and anti-aging nutrients. This therapy includes deep cleansing, a scrub, relaxing face massage, mask and final application of re-hydrating moisturizer.

Coconut Hair Treatment (60 minutes) US$ 48
An exclusive hair and scalp treatment that begins with a stimulating shampoo and application of rejuvenating cream. A traditional neck and shoulder massage is performed to relax the scalp muscles and increase blood circulation. Hair is left with a lustrous shine.

Shirodara Healing Treatment (60 minutes) US$ 48
Indulge with the ultimate in personal relaxation as you take pleasure in the VATA of the Ayurweda. This is also known as ‘the science of life’ and is an ancient healing tradition from India.

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