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Bali Spiritual Activities is aimed to provide spiritual experiences which are guided by our Masters based on talent they have mastered. Inspired by the Balinese way of life “Tri Hita Karana” which encourages us to nurture a greater harmony with spirit, the environment and with one another, Bali Spiritual Activities are designed with a holistic approach to tune in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold. This spiritual activities includes a selection or a combination of Yoga, Meditation, Healing Therapy, Traditional Tarot, Visiting sacred place in Bali, and a Sacred Purification Ritual which is performed in a holy water spring around Bali with compassion, sensitivity and love.

At Bali Spiritual Activities, we recognize that optimal wellness comes from embracing and respecting the body, mind and spirit. Health and self-realization are reflections of the love, authenticity and harmony within you. So, we invite you to embark upon a spiritual activities and explore new ways to cultivate peace, strengthen your inner power and deepen your connection with others through Spirit of Bali.

Detail of Our Masters with their Talents: 


Jro Mangku Sudi is a gifted man who grew up steeped in the customs and cultural environment of a Balinese family whose generations step back to the earliest of times. He has mastered the Balinese ritual ceremonies, spells, meditation and energy healing, including the exploration of the symptoms of magnetism.

His interest in spirituality and healing formed in his early years as he was introduced to and then taught the Balinese philosophy “Tri Hita Karana” – the three causes of well-being or three reasons for prosperity. The three causes referred are: harmony among people, harmony with God and harmony with nature.

His extensive experiences in Balinese ritual ceremony, meditation, the purification ritual and energy healing therapy have given him a unique insight into how to treat ailments that affect the body, mind and spirit. He has gift for tapping into whatever issue an individual may have and for facilitating the healing process using ancient Balinese healing and spiritual understanding.



From a very early age it become clear that JeroErlina was born with very special gifts and she has spent much of her life searching to answer how best to use such rare paranormal psychic powers for the greater good of all.She is a natural healer and has a gift for communicating issues from deep inside of unconscious mind. As Jero Erlina grew up so her shamanic skills become sharper. She finds herself able to see what is happening for people and what is coming up for them. She is able to warn them which road to take for a successful conclusion.

It has become Jero Erlina’s dedicated mission to help people and Cekian card is the most often used medium for her psychic abilities. She can use the cekian cards to help people to make better decisions and go on to live happier lives. Helping people with her special abilities to see into the future and the amazing ability to see outcomes from all our actions, relationships, careers and choices. Both positive and negative outcomes are fully revealed. She enjoys a deep satisfaction and personal enjoyment sharing such truth and knowledge that produce enlightenment and often life in abundance.

She can answer your questions and help you based on the possible outcomes the cards show her. When you stop by along your path for a CEKIAN card reading with Jero Erlina, expect to be surprised by her accuracy. You pick the cards, but her interpretation is spot on and emotionally accurate.


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