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From a very early age it become clear that Jro Segara Alit was born with very special gifts and she has spent much of her life searching to answer how best to use such rare paranormal psychic powers for the greater good of all. She is a natural healer and has a gift for communicating issues from deep inside of unconscious mind. As Jro Segara Alit grew up so her shamanic skills become sharper. She finds herself able to see what is happening for people and what is coming up for them. She is able to warn them which road to take for a successful conclusion.

It has become Jro Segara Alit’s dedicated mission to help people and Cekian card is the most often used medium for her psychic abilities. She can use the Cekian cards to help people to make better decisions and go on to live happier lives. Helping people with her special abilities to see into the future and the amazing ability to see outcomes from all our actions, relationships, careers and choices. Both positive and negative outcomes are fully revealed. She enjoys a deep satisfaction and personal enjoyment sharing such truth and knowledge that produce enlightenment and often
life in abundance. Jro Segara Alit is 37 years old and she lives Sanur, Bali.


Traditional “CEKI” Card Reading

Our life and future can in-fact be everything that we want it to be. Dreams can and do come true, we just need know what path and direction will lead us to the desired outcome. But sometime, everyone has something in their lives they need support for. Sometimes it may seem that there is no solution to be found. No matter what is troubling us, the traditional “CEKI”card reading can help us discover our strengths and design an approach to overcome stress also help us in discovering the ways to reach our goals.

CEKIis a traditional card game played in mostly Southeast Asia including Indonesia.  In Bali, Ceki is usually played as entertainment during a traditional event. On our Master’s “ Jro Segara Alit” hand it isn’t just a game card but an answers of your questions, a key to unlocked the door of your success, a guidance which help you to make informed decisions about your planned goals and aims for your life. It can be truly many things.

Take a one on one in-depth card reading and counseling session with a master of the spiritual. We’re available for personal CEKI card reading on life predictions, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and find the best way to overcome trouble. You are most welcome to come to our private studio or would be delighted to arrange personal residence or workplace visits per your needs.


Sanur Bali 

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