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Bali Rip Curl Surf School mission is to continue the development of an internationally-recognized surfing syllabus, to strive for excellence in teaching, and to offer the finest services to our students. We aim to be a vibrant and intellectually challenging place of learning, nurturing a community of surfers who share a passion for the search, the advancement of knowledge and respect for our oceans.

Bommie Master
Do you want to tame a monster? This program, unique to Rip Curl School of Surf – Sanur, will teach you to handle foot strap boards, deep water take offs, tow skills and survive the wipe-out. You will master all these skills before we line you up with an outer reef wave and cut you loose onto the face of a gentle giant. All students require minimum Power Surfer certification level or to complete a free review course with one of our tow-in gurus. All tow-in students are required to wear the supplied Rip Curl impact vest and a Gath surf helmet.

Power Surfer – Level 3
Be warned: These four courses will change your life! Bottom turns, top turns, cutbacks, duck dives and complete knowledge of reef geography, tidal effects and swell chart reading. All courses are held at a reef, with a duck dive course started in the lagoon or pool before heading into the waves. This program utilizes video coaching to fine tune skills and requires usage of Rip Curl fiberglass surfboards. All prospective Power Surfer students require minimum Reef Surfer certification level or a free evaluation session with a senior coach on the beach break.

Reef Surfer – Level 2
If you have surfed before but yet have to conquer a reef break wave, or you’re ready to graduate off the beach break; then this level is for you. Skills taught in these three courses include how to master taking the drop on an unbroken wave, the sweeping upper body transitional turn used to develop bottom turns* and cutback*. The Reef Surfer set of three courses develops these skills first with two days on the beach break, then for your third and graduating course you will be ready to test your new skills at Canggu Reef or travel on one of our school reef boats to a reef in Sanur.

Beach Surfer – Level 1
We will have you ripping up the beach break in three simple courses. Learn the skills of board handling and board control, before mastering the same jump up* technique used by professional surfers in your first course. The second course focuses on understanding beach, wave and ocean conditions which, when combined with proper paddling skills, will guide you effortlessly through, over and under waves. The essential skills of the third course will have you racing along the waves with forehand* and backhand* turns designed to create valuable board speed, building your skill basis to progress you to the next level; Reef Surfing.

Course formats - Private or Regular?
To cater to all your desires you can choice from a Private or Regular course format. Private lessons allow for accelerated learning in a one-on-one environment and provide a shorter route to success. With a dedicated course structure developed for individual tuition, students can request coaching in specific areas; cover all or part of the entire syllabus at their own pace or undertake a surf skill review to build a tailored program for intensive training. The Regular course format teaches you in a group of up to 5 students per instructor and hence, each course takes longer.

Our staff
The Rip Curl School of Surf takes great care to ensure that our staff is continuously trained to the highest standards. We have some of the most experienced and highly skilled instructors available and all staff is trained in first aid and life saving techniques.

Our facilities
At both our locations, facilities include a Rip Curl shop, changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, lockers and parking. We have dry towels and fresh drinking water for our students.

Our services
Modern, air-conditioned transport is available to and from all hotels or villas in Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua. Students are equipped with a rash vest, board shorts and surf helmet for comfort and safety and are furthermore protected by our $1,000,000 insurance cover.

Our extras
We have Rip Curl and equipment shops at both locations and offer photos and DVD footage of classes after each course. Each Rip Curl School of Surf student gets a special student benefit card that offers discounts on a variety of products and services from affiliated businesses.



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