23 Countries are Eligible for Visa on Arrival and Removes Quarantine For Tourism in Bali

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The Directorate General of Immigration (DGI) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia has issued regulations for the commencement of Visa on Arrival (VoA) for Tourism for 23 countries. The regulation comes into effect on Monday (07/03/2022).Visa on Arrival/VOA)

“There are 23 countries eligible to apply for VoA for Tourism. Foreign nationals can apply for VoA for Tourism after arriving only through immigration control at Bali’s international airport and seaport. However, foreigners holding VoA for Tourism can leave Indonesia through any immigration control, not necessarily in Bali,” said Sub-Coordinator of Public Relations of the DGI, Achmad Nur Saleh.

Countries whose citizens can enter Indonesia through Bali using a Visa on Arrival for Tourism are:

1. Australia
2. the United States of America
3. the Netherland
4. Brunei Darussalam
5. the Philippines
6. the United Kingdom
7. Italy
8. Japan
9. Germany
10. Cambodia
11. Canada
12. South Korea
13. Laos
14. Malaysia
15. Myanmar
16. France
17. Qatar
18. New Zealand
19. Singapore
20. Thailand
21. Turkiye
22. the United Arab Emirates
23. Viet Nam

“Foreigners must present all requirements for a VoA for Tourism at the immigration counter such as a passport valid for at least 6 (six) months, a return ticket or a connecting ticket to continue traveling to another country, and other documents required under the provisions from the Covid-19 Taskforce,” he continued.

The Non-Tax State Revenue or fee for VoA for Tourism, according to the Attachment of Government Regulation No. 28 of 2019, is Rp. 500,000.

“Stay Permits originating from VoA for Tourism are Visitor Stay Permits which are granted for a maximum period of 30 days and can be extended 1 (one) time. The extension is granted for 30 days and is carried out at the nearest immigration office to the location where the foreigner lives while in Indonesia. A Visitor Stay Permit from VoA for Tourism cannot be changed into another type of visa/stay permit,” concluded Achmad.

He also requested that foreigners and tourism industry players cooperate with immigration officials. The owner or manager of hotels is obliged to provide information or data regarding foreigners staying overnight to facilitate the supervision of foreigners.

“Foreigners whose activities violate VoA for Tourism will be subject to immigration sanctions. Likewise, if they are confirmed to have disregarded health protocols and disrupt public order, they will be subject to sanctions under applicable laws and regulations,” said Achmad.

In addition, it will also be implemented without quarantine for foreign nationals who come to Bali

Conditions of no quarantine and VoA

The meeting’s decision, which is stated in a report letter, states the health requirements that must be met by the overseas travellers are the following:

  • Must be fully vaccinated or have received a booster 
  • Have a negative PCR test result before departure
  • Proof of payment of hotel bookings for a minimum of four days in Bali
  • Have health insurance that guarantees COVID-19 treatment according to the provisions
  • Undergo another PCR test at the arrival gate of Bali
  • Travellers with negative results may explore the Island of the Gods, whereas those with positive results are required to undergo isolation at the hotel and take another PCR test on the third day
  • Negative PCR test results on the third day mean the travellers can continue their travels on the fourth day
  • Elderly overseas travellers who are tested positive and have comorbidities will be immediately hospitalised

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