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Company Profile - Individual Bali Hospitality

Individual Bali Hospitality is dedicated to providing unique property management services, villa holiday rental, as well as discovering Bali in a unique tours. Through our long experiences in the industry, we understand your need for a professional and personalized service that will meet your expectations and deliver on results.

Operating since 01st October 2007 we have developed a strong client base and business culture that focuses on collaborative client engagement and a professional team based approach. Understanding the importance of Balinese culture and promoting a unique and personalized visitor experience has supported strong sales across our property management portfolio.

Individual Bali Hospitality, marketing and management team have the experience to assure exceptional portfolio support. Our Villa Operations team is well trained in visitor engagement and provides reservations, villa staffing and maintenance support services that are flexible, friendly and efficient.


Company Profile

Our commitment is to ensure that each visitor has a unique and wonderful experience. Our approach is to provide services based on tailored visitor engagement and traditional Balinese hospitality. With considerable success in return clients and follow up referrals to family and friends, our customer satisfaction levels are high and continue to build.


To be a qualified hospitality company that offers diverse services worldwide to people who seek our hospitality services.


Building an outstanding human resource system to maximize opportunities for prosperity, whilst remaining based upon local wisdom and taking care of Balinese nature for sustainable, quality tourism.

Delivering creative products and dynamic and qualified hospitality services with professionalism and a genuine Balinese touch for the benefit of our clients.


Our company philosophy is to “walk the talk“. We deliver services as we have described and promise to our clients to ensure their satisfaction. We achieve this through our corporate values, which include distinguished leadership, rigorous processes, standardized operating procedures and progressive targets.


  1. Faithful allegiance to Almighty God
  2. Honesty
  3. Professionalism
  4. Discipline and commitment
  5. Maintaining high ethical standards
  6. Kinship
  7. Care to social conditions and environment
  8. A commitment to cleanliness and methodical work
  9. Efficiency and effectiveness in all we do

Meet Our Team

I Kadek Adnyana

General Manager

Komang Suardini

Accounting Manager

Sartika Dewi

Villa Specialist Manager

Elisa Khristina

Villa Specialist

Ayu Maha Dewi

Villa Specialist

Puspita Dewi

Villa Specialist

Gunggek Gita

Digital Marketing

Windu Wiranata

Graphic Designer
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