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Bali Retreat Villas – Wellness, Yoga, Spiritual Healing

Bali Retreat Villas are honored to partner with a select group of villas endorsed by the Mirah Delima Institute for their unique environment and healing atmosphere.  Recognizing the need to step back from the hectic pace of our modern world as developments in global economics, new technologies, industry and science impact our lives, our retreat programs located at villas endorsed by Mirah Delima will help connect you directly to wellness and healing. Bali is rapidly changing and has experienced the pressures of tourism and increasing commercialization. Thankfully it also retains the great ‘Bali Spirit’ – the profound natural and sacred vibration that infuses all in Bali and still connects directly to the traditions and culture that make Bali so unique.

Staying at Bali Retreat Villas and experiencing a wellness, yoga or spiritual healing retreat is designed to ‘slow down the pace’ and address problems resulting from our modern, hectic lives. Stress and overwhelm can lead to a state of mind that is temperamental and fosters illness, fear and a range of serious health concerns such as insomnia/nightmares, migraines, depression and issues relation to our disturbed emotions (phobias, procrastinating, angry or low energy, productivity or self-awareness).

We will work with you to resolve your concerns, and have supported other guests to improve their quality of life and resolve such matters through resting in a high energy environment and working with a range of wholistic treatments.

Mirah Delima Retreats will provide you with an authentic experience and with our Master Healers, connect and align you with traditional Balinese healing, healthy nutrition, a natural environment and traditional sacred practices.

While travelling to Bali, we urge you to create the time and space for this journey of a lifetime, as we guide you with care and compassion to experience the great ‘Bali Spirit’ at our unique Bali Retreat Villas and Programs!

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