Governor of Bali Claims Bali Has Entered the Endemic Phase of COVID-19

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Tumblr – Bali Governor Wayan Koster claimed that Bali Province has entered the endemic phase of Covid-19 based on Covid-19 cases and the latest vaccination rate.

“If you look at the curve pattern from 2020 and 2021 and now 2022, I think from the development between the current pattern and the existing curve, we have actually entered an endemic position,” said Governor Koster when giving a Statement of Accountability. LKPJ). 2021 at the Bali DPRD building, Thursday (31/3).

“Only the WHO has the right to issue this [endemic status]. However, I think Bali has entered the area. So it is safe,” he continued.

In his report, Koster said, yesterday, the province recorded 40 new cases of COVID-19, while 30 people recovered and, fortunately, no deaths were reported. The most recent high daily infection rate fell on February 9 with 2,556 new cases that day, but the number has continued to decline since then.

Koster added that Bali had given booster injections to 50.3 percent of its population – the highest in Indonesia, he said – while the coverage of the first dose was 104 percent and the second dose 95 percent.

“Even now with international tourists able to enter Bali without quarantine and by using a visa on arrival, there has not been an increase in COVID-19 cases. So we can continue with the policy,” he said, referring to the 42 countries eligible for visas on arrival and the recently introduced no-quarantine policy for visitors to Bali.

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