Do You Want To Visit Bali ? Please Check Visa on Arrival Entry Terms Conditions

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Tumblr – Bali, the Island of Gods warmly opens its gate to welcome the foreign travelers, You can enjoy tranquil, beautiful and tropical island with NO- QUARANTINE and Visa on Arrival (VoA) for several countries, like was article, please check here.

So, the question is what are the terms and conditions of VOA and things to know about VOA? Let’s chek it out!

VOA- Visa on Arrival Entry Terms Conditions

  • Passport validity min. 6 months.
  • RETURN air flight ticket (or one way + outward journey from Bali)
  • Min. 2 x vaccinated with WHO authorized vaccinations, and the 2nd vaccination must have been given at least 2 weeks prior to departure (except for 1 x COVID-19 vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson, Sputnik V or Convidecia, other conditions apply).
  • Children 0 – 11,99 years only need a negative PCR Swab Test result. Children 12 years and above are considered as adult and require to be fully vaccinated.
  • Any proof of Covid-19 recovery does not count as vaccination.
  • Negative Covid-19 swab text max. 48 hours (2 x 24 hours) from country of origin.
  • Vaccination proof has to be integrated/authorized In case the system fails clients can present physical copy of EU or WHO Vaccination Proofs (fully vaccinated). Upon arrival at DPS Airport ground staff can help to integrate data into PEDULI LINDUNGI APP
  • Travel insurance that covers Covid-19 and its related expenses at USD 25.000 insurance coverage per person (booking on line through:
  • Proof of paid-booking minimum. 4 days/3 nights accommodation at any CHSE certified accomodations in Bali.
  • Utilize CHSE-certified transfer from DPS Airport to the first accomodation by Destination Management Company/local agency, hotel or airport Taxi.
  • Download Peduli Lindungi APP .
  • Register e-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration).
  • For all other citizens/passport holders they can still enter with at B 211 A Visitor Visa – same terms & conditions apply.

Guidelines for PCR Swab Test/Health procedures upon arrival:

  • Peduli Lindungi App has to be completed latest upon arrival in DPS (airport ground staff can help).
  • Register mobile phone number – visitor has to be reachable by WA at all times.
  • Proceed to 1st PCR Swab Test at DPS Airport through on line booking:
  • Payment of 1st PCR Swab Test= IDR 275.000,–
  • Payment by on line system: or in cash. IDR, VISA Card, Master Card, Debit Card, Payment Link/Transfer, Common Foreign Currencies (change will be given in IDR).
  • CHSE-certified transportation from the airport to the first pre-booked CHSE-Certified accomodation through any third party that has a CHSE- certification/following health protocol.
  • Check-in at the CHSE-certified accomodation and await 1st PCR Swab Test in the room (3 – 6 hours).
  • If the PCR Swab test result is negative, foreign visitors are free to move around/ enjoy their stay in Bali.
  • If the PCR Swab test result is positive, and if there are no or only very minor symptoms it is required to undergo 5 days isolation at dedicated isolation hotels which currently are following properties: Desa Pramana Swan or Hotel Max One Ubud (subject to change)– covered by insurance or on own costs.
  • Elderly people and persons with health issues will be admitted to a hospital. The decision is done after physical examination by medical staff/doctor (by insurance service or by own expenses). On day 5 if the guest is testing negative, they can continue their travel plans in Bali on day 6.
  • 2nd PCR Swab Test in Bali will take place on day 3 (usually in the morning) at the CHSE-Certified accomodation.
  • CHSE-Certified DMC or hotel will help with the registration for the 2nd PCR Swab Test on day 3.
  • This will take place in a dedicated area of the CHSE-Certified accomodation and the costs are IDR 275.000 PCR Swab Test, it can be done at any of 27 authorized laboratories or by accomodation visit service, the price is IDR 275.000 with extra charges for visitation/transportation for conducting test at accommodation (book on line through
  • If the 2nd PCR Swab Test is negative guests/visitors can freely move around/ enjoy their stay the entire Indonesia (according to terms & conditions applying when changing islands/ health regulations).
  • Foreign visitors must strictly follow the health protocol.

Departure procedure from Bali, what has to be done?

  • Airlines/Authorities require a negative PCR Swab Test upon check-in at DPS Airport.
  • PCR Swab Test can be done at any of 27 authorized laboratories or by accomodation visit service, the price is IDR 275.000 with extra charges for visitation/transportation for conducting test at accommodation (book on line through
  • PCR Swab Test for departure is always conducted in the morning and the result will be received by WA or email in the evening at the same day, so it has to be done min. 1 day prior to departure (1 – 2 days before departure).

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