Fully Vaccinated? No More Quarantine in Bali for Travelers

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No More Quarantine in Bali for Travelers

Individualbali.com – The Indonesian government has now issued a number of requirements for international passengers or tourists who want to go to Bali without quarantine.

Apart from administering the full vaccine (booster), fully vaccinated Travelers only need to get a PCR test at the airport and stay at the accommodation of their choice, until they receive a negative test result. No longer. Once you get a negative test result, you can continue with your travel plans.

In addition to the above, the following are some of the rules for entering Bali as conveyed by bali.com

Hotel & Accommodation:

Travellers don’t need to book a certified hotel (CHSE) anymore and can now freely choose their accommodation.

Vaccination requirements:

You must have a proof (digital/ printed) of Covid Vaccination – status fully vaccinated (the last dose must be taken 14 days before travelling to Indonesia).

This is not compulsory for diplomat officials, and travellers below 18 years old, and travellers with comorbidity diseases carrying a medical statement letter, that they cannot be vaccinated

Travellers with only one vaccination dose (Johnson & Johnson counts as two – “status fully vaccinated) have to quarantine for 5x24h and get a second PCR test on day 4.

Kids below 18 y, follow the regulations that apply to their parents. However, if kids need a visa (B211A) and can’t get a Visa on Arrival, they need to be either vaccinated, or present a medical statement letter, that they are too young to be vaccinated for the application process.

PCR Testing & Results:

  • Present a negative PCR test result when you arrive. Test taken within 2x24h before your departure.
  • Take a mandatory PCR test upon arrival. Taken before you get to the immigration checkpoint at the airport (or harbour). The test can be pre-booked online.
  • You must go directly to your accommodation and wait for the test result inside your room. You can not leave the room before the 1st PCR test received (and negative).
  • Once you receive the negative test result. you can continue with your travel plans freely
  • in case you are positive, and depending on your symptoms, with mild symptoms you will have to self-isolate until you are recovered and get a negative PCR result. If you have severe symptoms you will have to be taken to a government hospital.

Other Requirements

  • Travel insurance (covering covid related medical costs and evacuation expenses)
  • Visa on Arrival or B211A Visit Visa, depending on traveller’s nationality

Arriving in Indonesia & Visa

All international visitors can enter from following entry points:


  • Jakarta
  • Surabaya
  • Bali (Denpasar)
  • Riau Islands (Batam & Bintan)
  • Manado
  • Lombok


  • Benoa Bali
  • Batam
  • Tanjung Pinang
  • Bintan
  • Nunukan, North Borneo

You can also see 42 countries that get VoA (Visa on Arrival) at the following link

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