Peaceful & Intimate Villa: 5 Things You Can Do in Jendela di Bali

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Individualbali.comComes from near Ubud but also far from hustle-bustle, Jendela di Bali present you a unique lumbung villa for new experience of staying on your holiday in Bali. With a tasteful blend of traditional Bali and Java colonial styles, Jendela di Bali offers a sense of place and spirit that sets it apart. Jendela di Bali suits those who seek a window onto a living, evolving culture, close to Ubud’s dining, art and culture, real coffee and fine dining when you want it, but far enough away to escape. Besides enjoying the view and atmosphere in this villa, there are several things you can do around Jendela di Bali. Located in Petak Kaja Village, Gianyar Regency, Here’s 5 things you can do around Jendela di Bali on your holiday: 

Water Purification: Tirta Empul, Mengening, and Sebatu

In line with the atmosphere in this villa, not far from Jendela di Bali there are sacred holy water temple, a place for healing and cleanse our mind by water purification. Tirta Empul is one of the famous water purification in Bali, located in Village of Manukaya, which takes only 18 minutes from Jendela di Bali Villa. Tirta Empul offers you the holy spring that bubble up into a large, crystal-clear pool within the temple and gush out through 30 waterspouts into the two sacred purification pools which will bring you into peaceful atmosphere. 

Tirta Empul

Located next to Tirta Empul, Mengening offers you a water purification with 10 waterspout in one clear pool. The water in Mengening Temple is very fresh and clear, in accordance with the meaning of  ‘mengening’ itself which means clear. Before entering the water purification holy water, you will go down the stairs and use ‘kamen’ then you will be allowed to enter the area. This is perfect for you if you want a place that can refresh and clear your mind.

Mengening 1

Last but not least, holly water spring Sebatu. The location of the waterfall as well as Genah Melukat, also known as Pura Dalem Pingit and Pura Kusti, is believed to be able to eliminate the influence of black magic, located in Sebatu Village, Tegalalang District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Feel the sacred atmosphere by doing water purification at Sebatu, and feel the sensation!

Sebatu 1

Although it is a sacred place of worship to the locals, tourists from all over the world are welcome to experience the beauty and participate in the purification rituals. 

Waterfall: Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Tegenungan Waterfall, and Suwat Waterfall

Kanto Lampo waterfall has become extremely famous in last recent years due to its romantic picture by worldwide Instagram users.The falls located in Gianyar Regency, Beng Village, as the most popular of Ubud Waterfall. Early morning is best time to visit Kanto Lampo and mdidday is the best time to take photo when sun is overhead

Kanto Lampo

Tegenungan Waterfall is worth a visit as the most iconic waterfalls in Bali. The falls which flow fast rom Petanu river or “Tukad Petanu” located in Kemenuh Village, Gianyar Regency. It takes only 35 minutes from Jendela di Bali villa with a view of rice field along the road, IDR 20.000 for entrance ticket worth to enjoy the waterfall. Get your dry clothes and pack, get ready for the waterfall trip.


The last but the special one, Suwat Waterfalls which located in Gianyar Regency, only 8 minutes from Jendela di Bali. The expanse of rice fields will welcome you when you arrive at the waterfall area, as the same with Jendela di Bali atmosphere. This waterfall has long been visited by tourists because of the beautiful picture spread around in social media. There’s nothing different with the photos, the original place is really beautiful, so what are you waiting for?

Suwat waterfall


Rafting is one of the famous activity to spend your holiday in Bali, the challenge of water rafting will bring you a new experience. Not far from Jendela di Bali, in Ubud, you can find a rafting agent to make everything easier. Everything will provide by them, so you only need to bring your change clothes. Feels the tension by defeating the water rafting, and add it on your Bali-to-do-list now


Cycling Around Jendela di Bali

As we know, Jendela di Bali are surrounded by rice fields that provide a fresh air, which is perfect for doing a sport activities. Cycling is the most-popular things to do around Jendela di Bali, because of its perfect road and atmosphere. Enjoy your holiday with a heal and still good for your body. It’s a perfect stay now with a good ambience and every activities that Jendela di Bali offers to you.


Tourist Activities: Bali Safari, Omma Dayclub, and The Glass Bridge Gianyar

We arrived at the last chapter of 5 things you can do in Jendela di Bali, the last one is important for you who love to hangout and learn.

Bali Safari is the place which bring an amazing safari adventure into an unforgettable wild life, roaming the Elephants in the jungle of Sumatra and Sumatran Tiger to the Manyara – Afrika hippos. Enjoy more than 60 species, including several rare species, such as the Orang Utan, Komodo, and the Bali Mynah, with many others at the Bali Safari Marine Park. Explore hundreds of animal and enjoy your day!

taman safari the glass bridge omma dayclub

A dayclub and The Glass Bride now is open for the tourist, located in Tegenungan Waterfall. Why enjoy only one if you can have all three? You can visit Tegenungan Watefall, Omma Dayclub, and The Glass Bride in one day, let’s add it in your bucket list!

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