Individual Bali Hospitality (IBH) Joining Peduli Bali Community hold Kebo Iwa Blood Donation

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This activity was held in Legian Beach Hotel on Saturday 23 February 2019, located in the hotel ballroom. They sucessfully collecting 146 Blood Bags.

Ketut Darmika, one of the Steering Committee (SC) of the blood donor activity, said that Kebo Iwa Blood Donation is a continuation of the Valentine Blood Donation event that has been held every year without stop until now, the 21st year.

The purpose of this activity is to help blood supply in (Palang Merah Indonesia) PMI to meet transfusion needs. Besides this activity aims to increase public awareness of maintaining health by regular blood donation, “said Ketut Darmika”.

He also said that the number of registrants reached 271 people with 146 bags of blood. Blood group O: 72 bags, blood group A: 22 bags, blood group B: 48 bags, blood group AB: 4 bags and 125 people failed. Even though many of the donors were unable to donate because their blood pressure was insufficient or the condition was below the standard. However, it was enough to open their mind that they did not have healthy life style, “Ketut Darmika explained.

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