Individual Bali Hospitality (IBH) team hold Water Purification at Beji Selati

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The Individual Bali Hospitality (IBH) Team carries out “Melukat” activities to maintain physical and mental balance. Kadek Adnyana CEO of IBH said “in carrying out the daily routine physical and mental balance is needed to improve the performance of the body and mind while remaining focused on achieving the desired results”.

Beji Selati was chosen because it was quite close to Denpasar. About 1.5 hours drive by car. The road to the location is also quite good and there are not too many stairs to get to the site. There are also a “Campuhan” meeting of two rivers. Beautiful Bale stand on the edge of the river where you can enjoy coffee and lunch.

Furthermore, Kadek Adnyana said, this activity was aimed to increase self-awareness and always be grateful for God’s gift for our lives. Knowing the nature closer, there exist a holy water springs, green trees, wild birds with entertaining melodious sounds and much more that nature has provided for our lives. Amid the current onslaught of technology, everyone must be aware of keeping this nature beautiful and sustainable.

Kadek Adnyana also said that such activities are routinely held every 3 months. In addition there are several other routine activities such as beach cleaning, holy temple cleaning, tree planting, blood donation, visits to orphanages and so on. To improve the quality of internal HR, coaching, mentoring and seminars are also held to maintain good life management. Those activities supported by seniors and experienced practitioners.

Denpasar, 22/02/2019

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