3 Tourist Villages in Buleleng Ready to Welcome the G20 Delegation, Could This Be Your Next Destination?

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Individualbali.com – The island of Bali will hold a G20 Summit which is planned to be held on 15-16 November 2022, there will be VIP guests from various G20 member countries who will attend the island of Bali later.

The Buleleng Regency Government has prepared 3 tourist villages that can be destinations for the G20 Summit delegates who will enjoy tourist attractions in Buleleng, as for the three tourist villages, namely Sudaji Village in the Sawan District, Munduk Village in the Banjar District, and Sambangan Village in the District of Sawan. Sukasada.

Munduk Village

Munduk village has a very charming view. This area is dominated by agricultural areas with clove, coffee, vanilla, cocoa and secondary crops. The verdant valleys are dotted with several waterfalls.

Behind its agricultural potential, Munduk Village has a very charming view with a varied landscape, in the north it is dominated by agricultural areas with clove, coffee, vanilla, cocoa and secondary crops. The verdant valleys are decorated with several waterfalls with a height of 10 meters – 56 meters. in the south, which is relatively gentle, the community uses it as an agricultural area as well as rice fields with the background of Mount Batukaru, Mount Lesung, and Mount Sanghyang which are neatly lined up as a complement to the beautiful and beautiful feel of Munduk Village.

Munduk Village (Photo : http://sportourism.id/)

Munduk Village (Photo : http://sportourism.id/)

Sudaji Village

Sudaji village itself is an area that is always crowded with village residents’ activities. There are many rice fields, plantations and yards as people’s livelihood fields. The name of this village used to be Sariaji, but it is not known exactly why it became a Sudaji village. However, there are some opinions which say that sudaji means clean teachings, which are taken from the two words suda and aji.

Sudaji Village (Photo : kemenparekraf)

Sudaji Village (Photo : kemenparekraf)

Sambangan Village 

Sambangan Village is one of the tourist villages established by the Regency Government. Buleleng. There are several charms of tourist objects that are no less beautiful than other attractions, such as; Cengana Rice Terrace, Muara Rice Terrace, Tropical Forest Area, Cemara Waterfall, Dedari Waterfall, Canging Waterfall, Aling-aling Waterfall, Kroya Waterfall, Twin Waterfalls, Pucuk Waterfall, Tembok Barak Waterfall and Natural Swimming Pool Peak Sari.

Sambangan Village (Photo : kemenparekraf)

Sambangan Village (Photo : kemenparekraf)

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