Individual Bali Hospitality’s Team Joining World Clean Up Day

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It is really a great gift that has been received by people who use Bali as a place to live and the place to get their income from the mother earth of Bali island. It is appropriate that everyone returns to care about the preservation of the island of Bali in terms of environmental cleanliness and cultural development of environmental management which will be entrusted later for our children and grandchildren. This was conveyed by Mr Kadek Adnyana when he led the action to clean up plastic waste on the Batubelig beach while also to commemorate World Clean Up Day on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Kadek Adnyana said, the clean up action of plastic waste was followed by several team of Individual Bali Hospitality (IBH) starting from the Bali Sani Batubelig hotel heading towards Finns Beach in Berawa Beach, Canggu. There are thousands of people taking part in the clean-up action from the public as well as company employees who care about Bali’s environment. The plastic waste that has been collected is around 35kg which is then discarded to the nearest landfill site.

Kadek Adnyana hopes that in the future the clean-up movement can continue to make people more concerned about protecting the environment of Bali from disposable plastic waste that often pollutes the environment around us, which is known as a world-class tourist destination. “It should already have an integrated system of usage, disposal, processing that can be reused into useful goods”. he said.

While closing the conversation Kadek Adnyana invited all community members to be consistent in carrying out cleaning activities of this plastic waste as part of our devotion to the motherland. “Seeing the impact caused by plastic waste is quite large, he stressed that this movement must be supported by the government as an initiator, facilitator, catalyst and even regulator so that the processing of plastic waste becomes a good culture in everyday life”, he concluded.

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