The Meaning of Tumpek Landep, a Ceremony to Increase Sharpness of Mind

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Tumblr – Bali is an island with a very diverse and interesting culture to know, there are many days of celebration for Balinese Hindus, one of which is Tumpek Landep. Tumpek Landep is a special day to celebrate all things which is held once every 210 days which falls on Saturday Kliwon, Wuku Landep (2nd wuku of 30 wuku in Balinese calendar calculations).

The word Tumpek itself comes from “Metu” which means to meet, and “Mpek” which means the end, so Tumpek is the day of the meeting of the Panca Wara and Sapta Wara warrants, where Panca Wara is ended by Kliwon and Sapta Wara is ended by Saniscara (Saturday). While Landep itself means sharp or pointed, so from this, some heirlooms that have sharp properties such as keris are also celebrated.

In this Tumpek Landep pujawali, it is also a necessity, residents apply to purify the “immanent – inherent noscal power in all objects, magical heirlooms, including modern rides, vehicles, motorcycles, weapons, spears, kris, other heirlooms.” .

In Tumpek Landep, Landep which means sharp has a philosophy which means that Tumpek Landep is a milestone of sharpening, citta, buddhi and manah (mind). Thus, people always behave based on clarity of mind on the basis of religious values. With a pure mind, people are able to sort and choose what is good and what is bad.

Tumpek landep is a milestone for mulat sarira / self-introspection to improve character so that it is in accordance with religious teachings. During the tumpek landep, people should pray at the sanggah/ merajan and at the temple, asking for wara nugraha to Ida Bhatara Sang Hyang Siwa Pasupati to be given sharpness of mind so that they can become useful people for the community. In the reraining of Tumpek Landep, cleaning and purification of ancestral heritage is also carried out.

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