President Jokowi: Government Allows Removing Masks Outdoors or Open Areas

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Tumblr – The government has decided to relax the policy on wearing masks for people who are active outdoors or in open areas. This policy was taken by taking into account the conditions for handling the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, which is currently increasingly under control.

This was conveyed by President Joko Widodo in his statement at the Bogor Presidential Palace on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

“The government has decided to relax the policy on wearing masks. If people are doing outdoor activities or in open areas that are not crowded with people, they are allowed not to wear masks. However, for activities in closed rooms and public transportation, they must still wear masks,” he said. President.

Meanwhile, for people who are categorized as vulnerable, elderly, or have comorbid diseases, President Jokowi still recommends wearing masks when doing activities.

“Similarly, for people who experience symptoms of cough and cold, they must still wear masks when carrying out activities,” he added.

In addition to relaxing the policy on wearing masks, the government has also relaxed the policy for PCR or Antigen swab tests for travellers. This rule applies to those who have received a complete Covid-19 vaccination.

“Secondly, for domestic and foreign travelers who have received a complete dose of vaccination, there is no need to carry out PCR or antigen swab tests anymore,” he said.

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